Updated: Mar 7, 2019

A dream is not always an impossible dream. To get your dream you would need to have goals, plans and strategies. It requires regular reviewing of your actual performances against your target goals. However, here are some of the effective ways of realising your dreams.

Have A Vision. Visualising your dream is good. Picture out in your mind what you want to target or achieve. Let say, you want to have your dream house. You have to visualise its location, design, colour and number of rooms. Build a strong desire for wanting it; imagine yourself living in it. Feel as it is already happening!

Set Your Goal. In setting your goal you have to be specific and realistic. Decide what you really want to get; then gather data and information versus your sources of income. Study your expenses and savings. Know how much money you can set aside from your earnings so you can set time frame in getting your goal. If you would need to, do side jobs from your hobby or small jobs to have extra sources of income.

Have A Plan. Lay down all the information you have and make plans. To achieve your dream, you will need tools and money. Make a list of the possible ways that you can do to get your dream. There is no big or small. You need to plan and do it. If it did not work, try another one again and again. Make a spreadsheet to record your income, budget and expenses. Monitor and analyse the flow of your finances. Decide the amount of money that you will set aside every month for your goal. Just remember to be honest to yourself and be realistic.

Use Tool. Putting your money in the bank is the best tool to save for your plan. Banks are offering different options that will help you in realising your goal either long term or short term. If you have a personal account, have a separate account for your target or goal. This is to avoid you from touching your savings. Aside from this, you will need to equip yourself with knowledge and skills. Read books as much as you can. Meet new people that would guide you towards your dream every day. Learn and connect with them. Surround yourself with all the things that you want that will motivate you to get what you want.

Have Commitment. If you will get yourself committed to realising your goal, you will be more focused. You will be watchful and careful about your decisions. You will be more responsible for all your actions.

Act For It. Dreams without action are nothing and impossible. Aside from giving your commitment, an action is the most important part of realising your goal. What you have read above are just your fuels. Realising a dream is like riding in a car. A car won't run without fuel and a car without a driver won't reach its destination. The driver towards your dream is you. So "Act For Your Dream Now."

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Have you been bombarded by unending questions by your kid? Have you been asked of a thousand whys, whats and hows? When your child reaches the age of three, he starts becoming curious about what he sees and observes in his surroundings. Curiosity and imagination are parts of child development. As a parent, be glad that your kid is asking you questions, and seeking answers from you. Don't get irritated or annoyed when your kid asks you lots of questions. Here are some tips to handle your cute little darling:

Answer questions base on facts not on fictions. If your kid asks you questions like "why is there a bolt of lightning when it's raining?", or "Why does sun go down?", give him straight and reliable answers. If you are lacking in knowledge and can't give him detailed answers, encourage him to find answers from books or the internet. Your child deserves to learn things by getting the right information from you. Through this, he is becoming more confident, and you are becoming his friend, whom he can trust to and rely on.

Answer his question of a question. Challenge him by asking him back to know what on his mind is; by doing this, you are not just getting hints what store knowledge he already has, but also training him to seek answers by using his own brain and judgement. You will also have an idea about what kind of support and response you will give to your child. Through this, you are helping your child to be independent and a good thinker.

Have a "Talk Time". If you think that you can't pay attention to his unending questions, because you are busy, set a schedule. With this, you will have ample time to understand the things playing on your child's mind. You will also have a chance to think well before answering. Good communication builds a strong relationship between you and your child; as he grows, he won't hesitate to approach you whenever he needs reliable answers to his questions.

Remember that what you feed in your kid's brain would have an impact on his personality and mental development as he grows. Prepare him to be smart and wise as he explores the world.

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

We all want to be successful in life. We all want to make our dreams be realised. There are things that we want to do but there is something pulling us back each time we try to step our foot forward. What is that? Our cowardliness...our fears to fail...our fears to be rejected. There are a lot of reasons that lower the woman's self-confidence and self-esteem. Top on the list are insecurities, jealousy, pessimism, fears and having an inferiority complex. How can we overcome these? There is no overnight cure for this. But magic can possibly start within yourself. Here are the effective ways to build your self-confidence and self-esteem:

Believe in yourself.

To convince other people of what you can do, you must first convince yourself that you can do it. Believe in yourself. Trust yourself and rely on your strengths.

Have a good mindset

Influence yourself, influence your mind by bearing a positive mind. Mind-setting is important, it is conditioning your mind or brain to send positive messages to your senses. You are what you believe. What you believe is what you become. "Whatever your mind conceives, the body achieves".

Acquire knowledge

Don't deprive yourself to learn new things or new ideas. Life is in a continuous learning process. Whatever your age, you have to feed your mind with new information. Having knowledge is power. Yes, it may take a long process but there is no shortcut towards success.

Have an open mind

Don't stick yourself in your comfort zone. Get out of your shell. Be like a sponge, gather information and balance your thoughts by weighing, which is good and which is not; then sort it out by throwing out bad ideas and keeping the good ones.

Face your fears

Nobody in this world is perfect. Every human being has his own fears, and it is normal. You should learn to face your fears. The effective way to do it is to understand your fears and accept them. Learn how to overcome your fears. Be brave and have faith in yourself.

Have a positive attitude

These are the common words that you will hear. Positive attracts positive. Having a positive attitude is having thinking of that you can do everything and anything. Whatever it takes you are very sure of yourself that you can succeed.

Accept your weakness

We are only human beings. There will be times that you will fail and lose. Assess yourself and list down all your strengths and weaknesses. Keep your strengths and improve it more. Accept your weaknesses and convert these to be your strengths in future.

Move and act

If you want something and want to get, you have to start somewhere. Stop overthinking. Act on it, just do it! Failure is just a word and it doesn't exist. It is just created by your mind. Learn from successful and famous people, they have almost lost hopes million times before they've gained their glory. Make yourself love challenges. Don't be afraid! Just move your step forward and believe that you can do it.

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