How To Answer When Your Kid Asks You?

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Have you been bombarded by unending questions by your kid? Have you been asked of a thousand whys, whats and hows? When your child reaches the age of three, he starts becoming curious about what he sees and observes in his surroundings. Curiosity and imagination are parts of child development. As a parent, be glad that your kid is asking you questions, and seeking answers from you. Don't get irritated or annoyed when your kid asks you lots of questions. Here are some tips to handle your cute little darling:

Answer questions base on facts not on fictions. If your kid asks you questions like "why is there a bolt of lightning when it's raining?", or "Why does sun go down?", give him straight and reliable answers. If you are lacking in knowledge and can't give him detailed answers, encourage him to find answers from books or the internet. Your child deserves to learn things by getting the right information from you. Through this, he is becoming more confident, and you are becoming his friend, whom he can trust to and rely on.

Answer his question of a question. Challenge him by asking him back to know what on his mind is; by doing this, you are not just getting hints what store knowledge he already has, but also training him to seek answers by using his own brain and judgement. You will also have an idea about what kind of support and response you will give to your child. Through this, you are helping your child to be independent and a good thinker.

Have a "Talk Time". If you think that you can't pay attention to his unending questions, because you are busy, set a schedule. With this, you will have ample time to understand the things playing on your child's mind. You will also have a chance to think well before answering. Good communication builds a strong relationship between you and your child; as he grows, he won't hesitate to approach you whenever he needs reliable answers to his questions.

Remember that what you feed in your kid's brain would have an impact on his personality and mental development as he grows. Prepare him to be smart and wise as he explores the world.


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